For residential service work done by only the best electricians in Dever CO, Blueprint Electric constantly wows their clients. With multitudes of people raving about our work, it's important for us to highlight key areas of work that we fulfill with clients all the time. To make it even easier to find out whether we can solve your residential issue, please give us a call today at (303) 218-3555. If you schedule with us we can get someone out to you, just begins with a call!


Total Home Inspections

First and foremost, we take care of just about any electrical issue you face. To validate this, we execute a total home safety inspection with every single call. You may have called about fixing your electric heater or the lighting in your kitchen. While we'll obviously take our first look at the place that you requested, we also take special notice to the "secret" corners of your home. These areas are easily ignored because it's not the specific issue you called about. Once you work with Blueprint Electric and have them review the total health of your electrical, he'll likely find dramatic, important things about your property.

Let's think long-term about this. Wouldn't it be a relief to have electricians in Denver CO who fixed up everything wrong electrically in your home? What if you called an electrician to fix a problem and then a month later, you had to call again for a different issue? Then you gotta get the guy to come out again which could be a huge ordeal becasue they're "crazy busy right now." This is the value of working with electricians in Denver Co like Blueprint Electric. He implements the time and effort to grade the quality of your property in every way. It's all to avoid a situation where you need to call us back! We know that your life is as busy as ever. If we're able to solve all of your electrical issues in one sweeping motion, then that saves you headaches in the future!



Electrical Paneling

The panel in your home is the main control center. It's the board that powers anything going on. From the kitchen light to the electric stove to the treasured television in the center of your living space, the electric panel makes a huge difference. Tons of homes use outdated or old electric panels though. Since the house is dated, through each new resident or owner, it's never replaced because nothing is going wrong with the electrical.

Blueprint Electric knows this is a reality, but also knows that with old electric panels comes larger damage risk. With our services, we offer any solution available to electrical.


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