With having over 25 years of extensive experience in the electrical industry, Blueprint Electricis a top-notch electrical rewiring service for residential and commercial properties that are located in Denver CO and surrounding areas! Our team of expert electricians specializes in rewiring hot tubs, spas, or any other custom wiring services such as new builds and pedestal feeds. There is no reason to hold of any longer with our affordable and cost efficient electrical rewiring services offered to you!


Residential Rewiring

At Blueprint Electric, the residential electrical rewiring services will be done incredibly in little to no time at all! Majority of electrical fires are created by faulty electrical outlets and appliances, it is essential to have an electrical rewiring service performed to your house every so often to ensure a safe living environment for everyone! Whether your property is a new build or you have an existing residential rewiring service that is needed to your residence, allow our team of professional electrical contractors help you!

It is vital to have a properly functioning house for your family to live in, Blueprint Electric is comprehensive at the residential rewiring services that are provided to your home! Give us a call to get started on your electrical rewiring service to your residential property today!



Commercial Rewiring

Is there are full or partial commercial rewiring service that your property needs having? With Blueprint Electric you will not only get fantastic customer service, but you will have a fully functioning electrical system that you won’t have to worry about any longer! Does your existing property have outdated electrical wiring? Or Do you have a new build property that requires a professional electrician? Then you should call Blueprint Electric to get started on your commercial rewiring service today!

Prevent any electrical problems, electrical fires, and remain compliant with the Denver Colorado’s local building codes that are required to keep your commercial property up and running; we are the best option to choose from when searching for the right electrician!



Custom Rewiring

For any custom rewiring service, Blueprint Electric will be an extravagant electrician that you can trust for your home or business. We can custom rewire home additions, workshops, garages, guest houses, and new builds. Our team strives to continue performing custom rewiring services that you will be satisfied with. We want to ensure you have a property that is safe, secure, and worries free of any electrical issues. If there are any custom rewiring services that you are interested in having done, then give us a call now.

Learn more information about the custom electrical rewiring services that we have to offer your residential or commercial property. Keep your electricity up running smoothly for years to come with Blueprint Electric LLC!



Specialty Rewiring

The specialty rewiring services that Blueprint Electric provides is usually more on the technical side of the wiring. If there is an outdoor feature that you would like to have rewired, such as a hot tub, spa, and jacuzzis. Is there an idea of how you would like to have the outdoor lighting installed to your residential or commercial property? Then our company is an electrical contractor that is right for the job. No matter how big or small the rewiring service is, we can get it done fast, affordable, and professional every time!

Stop holding off on having the best specialty rewiring service that you could ask for you to your home or business in Denver CO and surrounding areas now! We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction for every specialty rewiring service that is provided for you!